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Biography #2

Meg Tilly, born 14 February 1960 in Texada, British Columbia, sister of Jennifer Tilly, is a Canadian actress, dancer, and author, notable for her innocent face and youthful voice.

As a teen, Tilly was involved with the Connecticut Ballet Company, as well as Throne Dance Theatre, and made her screen debut with Alan Parker's Fame in 1980, but a back injury forced her to enter the field of acting, appearing in Hill Street Blues, The Big Chill, and Psycho II before appearing in Agnes of God, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award. Afterwards, she was casted for Amadeus, but was replaced after tearing a ligament in her leg the day before shooting started, and later appeared in Valmont, Girl in a Swing, and Leaving Normal. Married twice, she had two children and has written a novel titled Singing Songs.

Tilly has not appeared in a movie in any capacity since 1995, and is rarely seen abroad, for reasons unknown.

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