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Biography #2

William Shatner has been known to audiences for over 30 years as the legendary Starship Captain James Tiberius Kirk, arguably one of the most famous fictional characters ever created.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier marked the feature directorial debut of the multi-faceted Shatner and added yet another dimension to his already numerous and successful accomplishments as a director, writer, actor and producer. Since then he has gone on to direct a music video, episodic television and TekWar, the first of four two-hour television movies produced for the Universal Action Network based on his Tek series of science fiction novels. Shatner also served as executive producer and starred in the recurring role of Walter Bascom for the series. Shatner has written the following science fiction novels Man O'War, a miniseries based on the novel is in development at Showtime Networks; The Law of Far, Ashes of Eden, the first in a series of novels that Shatner is co-authoring with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens for Simon and Schuster; The Return, Star Trek Avenger, Spectre and Dark Victory.

Star Trek Memories written with Chris Kreski, hit the stores in 1993-detailed Shatner's experiences working on the original Star Trek series and related never-before-told stories. Shatner followed that up with Star Trek Movie Memories, published in 1994. Shatner is now working on a six-book science fiction series with HarperCollins called Quest for Tomorrow. Step Into Chaos, the third installment in the series, came out in January 1999.

Shatner's varied career has given him a unique insight into technology and the future. In 1994, he became C.E.O. of C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures, Inc., a special effects house based in Toronto which has provided computer-generated imagery to such noted films as Fly Away Home, Mimic and Dr. Dolittle starring Eddie Murphy.

Shatner's most recent film and televisions include Free Enterprise, Land of the Free, National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon, Star Trek: Generations, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Cosby and Third Rock From the Sun. He is also in demand as a voice-over actor, having appeared on episodes of Eek the Cat, and Disney's animated series Hercules, in addition to numerous documentaries. Shatner also served as host for the television show, Rescue 911, which ran for six seasons. Since the show first aired over 300 lives have been saved by people who learned a life-saving technique from the show. Rescue 911 consistently won its time slot and currently airs in syndication on the Fox Family Channel. It won the 1990 People's Choice Award for Favorite New Dramatic Series.

Bio courtesy Warner Bros. (01-Jan-2000)