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Danny Aiello Quotes

9 quotations by Danny Aiello

QuoteThe choreographer for the Milton Berle show wanted me to audition. I walked away from that.Quote

QuotePeople have an image of Italians. When I go somewhere in the world, I don't care where it is, when they look at me it's not about my intelligence. It's who can I beat up.Quote

QuoteLike most people, I would sing in the privacy of my home. I'd also sing for my daughters or at a guest at somebody's function. I loved doing it.Quote

QuoteIf I stunk for some reason, you can always blame it on the character.Quote

QuoteI'm a traditionalist. I have certain values I live by.Quote

QuoteI have sons, and they have never said the word hell in front of me or my wife. That's the truth.Quote

QuoteI don't know anyone who curses the way they do on the Sopranos. Not in an Italian household. I never said the word hell in front of my mother.Quote

QuoteDeath can't be so bad if mom went through it. It makes it easier for the child to follow.Quote

QuoteAn album is such a personal thing. It's something I always wanted to do. It's me doing me, singing as me.Quote