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Frank Gorshin

Frank Gorshin

Frank Gorshin (born April 5, 1934) is an American actor and comedian from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was best known as an impressionist, with many notable guest appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show and with Steve Allen.

His most famous role may be as The Riddler on the Batman live action television series, in which he was clad in a bowler hat and an iridescent green body suit decorated with question marks. He also had a memorable role in the Star Trek episode Let This Be Your Last Battlefield as the half-whiteface, half-blackface Bele. Prior to that, he was a dramatic actor, often playing tough guys like those played by one of his favorite target of impressions, James Cagney, whom he was said to resemble.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2004.

Frank Gorshin Facts

BirthdayApril 5, 1934
BirthplacePittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Date of deathMay 17, 2005 (age 71)

Selected Filmography

That Darn Cat!
12 Monkeys
Beethoven / Beethoven's 2nd / Beethoven's 3rd Triple Feature
Where the Boys Are
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
The Ren & Stimpy Show
Last Hand, The
Rudolph's Shiny New Year
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