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Biography #2

Linda Hunt is best-known for her Academy Award winning performance in The Year of Living Dangerously and has played an extraordinarily diverse range of characters in films, theater and television. She has won Obies and Tony nominations for her theater work in New York. She made her film debut in Robert Altman's Pope ye. Her other films include The Relic, Twenty Bucks, Pret A Porte, Kindergarten Cop, She-Devil, Waiting for the Moon, Silverado, Eleni, The Bostonians and David Lynch's Dune. Most recently, she has appeared as Judge Zoey Hiller on ABC's The Practice. She is a frequent narrator of documentaries for the Discovery Channel. National Geographic and PBS. She was the voice of 'Grandmother Willow' in Pocahontas.

updated 27-Aug-2002