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Nora Dunn Quotes

9 quotations by Nora Dunn

QuoteWhen I'm with my friends I'm funny, but I don't feel like I'm a funny clown.Quote

QuoteWe sat around that table in the jury room, and it really gave us a lot of rehearsal time. A lot of stuff that we shot was really rehearsal stuff.Quote

QuoteThe gun issue is a big, unresolved issue in this country right now. I think it's out of control.Quote

QuoteMilk Duds kept me going.Quote

QuoteJohn Cusack is a dream. I did one one-on-one scene with him and we got to shoot it so many times, and he did it different every time.Quote

QuoteI think gun manufacturers should start being afraid. You can't open an aspirin bottle if you're a kid, but you can fire a gun at someone.Quote

QuoteI prepared for the part by drinking, but I was sober when I was performing.Quote

QuoteI never thought I was funny, but I enjoy being funny.Quote

QuoteAs an actor, you have to have your history.Quote