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Judith Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi was an American actress and was a victim of a murder suicide.

Judith Barsi was born in Los Angeles, California on June 6, 1978. Her parents, Jozsef and Maria Barsi both of whom were Hungarian immigrants; both separately fled the 1956 Soviet Occupation.

When Judith was born, her mother dreamt of her becoming an actress, as she once made an effort to do so herself. When Judith was five years old she was discovered at a skating rink. Looking younger than she was, she was mistaken for a three year old. She was immediately put into commercials (by the end of her life she had appeared in over seventy of them) and soon was in films.

As Judith became more famous her father, an alcoholic, became abusive and paranoid. Her father would mentally abuse Judith and once held a knife to her throat. He was convinced his wife and daughter would leave for a photo shoot or movie shoot and never come back so he would threaten Judith before she would leave.

Maria rented an apartment for her and Judith as a daytime safe haven away from Jozsef. However, on July 25, Jozsef entered Judith's bedroom and shot her in her head. Maria heard the gun shot and came running down the hall where she was met by Jozsef; he then shot his wife. He then drenched the bodies in gasoline and set the house on fire before finally shooting himself in the garage.

Judith and her mother were buried in an unmarked grave at the Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills cemetry in Los Angeles. In June 2004, a fund was setup to get Judith and her mother headstones. Judith's marker was placed Monday August 23, 2004 and Maria's was placed Friday January 28, 2005. Future donations will go toward donating Beanie Babies to hospitalized children.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2005.

Judith Barsi Facts

BirthdayJune 6, 1978
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, USA
Date of deathJuly 27, 1988 (age 10)

Selected Filmography

The Land Before Time
The Land Before Time: The Complete Collection
Jaws 3-Movie Collection
All Dogs Go to Heaven
All Dogs Go to Heaven 1 & 2
Jaws: The Revenge
Amblin/Spielberg Animated Family Favorites 3-Movie Collection
Eye of the Tiger
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