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James Wong
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James Wong

James Wong was born in Hong Kong and moved with his family to San Diego, California at the age of ten. At El Cajon Valley High School, he met his future writing partner Glen Morgan. Both attended Loyola Marymount University, where Wong intended to obtain an engineering degree, before switching to film studies.

After graduation, Wong landed a job as an assistant to producer Sandy Howard. During this time, Wong and Morgan wrote screenplays on spec, eventually having one produced, the hard-hitting feature film The Boys Next Door. The two then signed on as writers at Stephen J. Cannell Productions, on the series 21 Jump Street, Booker and The Commish.

Wong and Morgan caught the attention of Chris Carter, who was setting up production in Vancouver on a new series called The X-Files, about two FBI agents investigating the paranormal. Wong and Morgan helped define the direction of the show during its first two seasons and were instrumental in the development of its characters. Their work on The X-Files led to more writing and producing assignments on the series Space: Above and Beyond, Millennium and The Others.

In 2000 Wong made his feature directorial debut on the thriller Final Destination, which he co-wrote with Morgan. The film became a box-office hit. He followed with The One, starring Jet Li and Final Destination 3. the third installment in what has become a continuing film franchise. He co-wrote and produced with Morgan, the remakes of Willard and Black Christmas.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2009.

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